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October 21, 2012

Boy Scout Childhood Sexual Abuse: How Long Do You Have to File a Claim?


    The tragedy of childhood sexual abuse is so horrific, so unspeakable that oftentimes innocent victims do not come forth until many years after the abuse took place.

    This is, in part, why the California Statute of Limitations allows a victim to file a lawsuit against the abuser and those that knew, or should have known (and stepped in to protect the child) of the abuse until he or she turns 26 years old.  In some instances, the victim can file a lawsuit even after they have reached the age of 26.  Download Childhood Sexual Abuse Statute of Limitations

    Against whom can you file a claim?

  • The person who committed the act of childhood sexual abuse
  • Any person or entity (i.e. The Boy Scouts of America) who owed a duty of care to protect you from the person or persons who did this to you

    Attorney Kelly Clark of Oregon has successfully fought to get the Boy Scout "Perversion Files" released to the general public.  This reminds us that we must be vigilant in protecting our innocent, vulnerable children from the pedophiles and child molesters who use their positions in the Boy Scouts of America to build trust in the child only to then abuse that trust in the most heinous ways. 

    If you, or someone you love, was or is a victim sexual abuse at the hands of a Boy Scout Leader, please call or e-mail me directly to confidentially and sensitively explore your rights.  As an attorney, I'm in a position to help you.  As a human being, I want to help you.

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