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July 27, 2008

Former NY Judge Jeanine Pirro, Doctored Police Report, $200K Settlement

My favorite blogging New York Personal Injury Attorney, Eric Turkewitz, relates a great story of corruption involving a former judge/district attorney and her formerly disbarred high-powered real estate attorney husband.  Here's what Turkewitz tells us:

Al Pirro Jr. last week quietly settled a lawsuit for $200,000 that involved Jeanine Pirro and her failed political campaign for Attorney General. Jeanine -- also a former judge, District Attorney, failed Senate candidate against Hillary Clinton and now a talk show host -- was in the backseat of her husband's SUV on October 18, 2006 when it sideswiped a motorcyclist as they approached a light. The collision knocked him down, broke his ankle and sent him skidding along the pavement. The SUV was driven by a campaign staffer just weeks before the election. 

He goes on to say: "While the officer on the scene first reported a collision between Pirro's SUV and Scott Lieberman riding his Harley, that report was subsequently deep-sixed after the officer saw Jeanine Pirro in the back and saw that the SUV was owned by her husband. The second accident report didn't have the Pirro vehicle in the accident."  Read the rest of this outrageous story here.

This tale of corruption is outrageous and, I hate to admit it, a bit tantalizing at the same time.  Oh, how the mighty don't ever seem to fall!


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