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March 17, 2012

Top 10 Stunts That Could Result in Personal Injury

This, my dear readers, is a video not for the faint-of-heart.  Don't try these stunts at home! (or anywhere else). You're going to see a variety of crazy stunts such as being stung by bees, climbing a 450+ foot building without a rope, flying through the air at 11,000 feet with party balloons, diving into the ocean from 125 feet, eating 22 scorpions and more. 

Would any of these daredevils be able to make a claim for personal injuries that arise out of these stunts? The answer is a resounding NO because they would have assumed the risk (a very strong and valid legal defense).

However, if you or someone you love gets injured in one of the usual ways, please contact me by e-mail or phone.  I'm here to help.


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