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June 09, 2012

Text, Drive and Kill: Go To Jail

I'm burning mad. It takes a moment to pull over to read or respond to a text, to program your GPS, to dial the phone (should you not have voice command) yet people do it while their car is moving.  And, more importantly, while other cars, bicyclists, pedestrians, cats and dogs are moving.  And while buildings are stationary.  Taking our eyes off the road seems harmless enough but it can cause injury and death.


In New Hampshire, 18 year old Aaron Deveau was sentenced to jail for vehicular manslaughter.  He was convicted of causing an accident which never, ever would have happened had he been watching the road.  Instead, he was texting his girlfriend. Now an innocent 55 year old grandfather has been taken from his family. His girlfriend was critically injured.  And Aaron will spend, at most, one year in jail.  And, oh yeah, his driver's license will be suspended for 15 years.

This is unconscionable.  This must stop. 

Write to your legislators and tell them NO MORE (US House of Reprentatives).

Click here to Find out which states have Cell Phone & Texting Laws in U.S. (A Chart provided by Governors Highway Safety Association)



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I agree, Lowell. Using phones while driving should be stopped. Serious consequences must be applied in order to prevent these drivers from using phones while driving. But then again, it all comes down to the discipline of the motorists. A good solution here is to brief them properly with the consequences before they can claim their driver's license.

I am from New Hampshire myself and I see people texting and driving ALL OF THE TIME. It drives me crazy if I am in the car with anyone doing it. I am a certified legal nurse consultant and you would be surprised how many cases of texting and driving accidents I consult on! I am all for making the road a safer place!

I really appreciate the information about using phones while driving. It leads to a lot of accidents not just for the driver but everyone on the road.

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