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August 08, 2010

Wear Your Seatbelt - Embrace Life, the Viral Video

Well, I think I'm coming late to the party because this beautiful video, entitled Embrace Life, has already had over 10 million hits.  My good friend up north, Lynnette Lipp, sent it to me today and, frankly, I was moved.  I think you'll  be moved, too.  In case you haven't seen it before, I beseech you to watch this video now. 

Seat Belts do save lives!!!  Produced by the Sussex Safer Roads Project

Seat Belt related links:

National Safety Council making our world safer

Wikipedia detailed seat belt discussion, examples

State Seat Belt Laws Governors Highway Safety Association - seat belt laws state by state

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Seat Belts

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That was a great video... I've passed plenty of wreaths by the roadside...

I can remember driving in the 60's and 70's before they had seatbelt laws. Your mom's mighty hand used to protect the passenger. Now, wouldn't imagine not wearing a seatbelt.

Road Safety Authority show that in recent years, almost 90% of traffic accidents caused by drivers of other vehicles paying insufficient attention whilst driving, traffic accident claims can be made by drivers, their passengers, cyclists and pedestrians, when they have suffered any injury through an accident that was not of their making.So drive carefully & save your life.

Road safety is a very important aspect of modern life. There has been a rapid increase in the levels of deaths occurring due to road accidents all over the world. The roads can be quite unpredictable and disastrous accidents can happen as a result of minor and seemingly small mistakes or errors.

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