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May 31, 2008

A Guideline For Handling Traffic Tickets by Michael Klijian, Esq.

Mike_klijian_cropped_4 I asked attorney Michael Klijian to write an article regarding the handling of traffic tickets.  Mr. Klijian’s practice focuses on defending drivers who have been ticketed for any and all types of traffic infractions in and around the Greater Los Angeles area, Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley

. He handles each matter with the utmost of intregity, professionalism and skill. Mr. Klijian has proved to be a passionate advocate of Southern California drivers.

A Guideline For Handling Traffic Tickets

by Michael Klijian, Attorney at Law

There are many different violations that drivers are cited for on a daily basis. My attempt will be to provide you with a basic guideline as to the steps that should be taken in order to resolve your matter. First, and foremost, never let the “due date” of the citation expire. This crucial date is listed below your signature on the citation itself. If a “due date” expires, then you most likely will have a failure to appear and have your citation referred to collections. When this happens, your bail or fine amount increases drastically and will cause a hold being placed on your driver’s license.

Most courts, will allow a one time extension of 60 days of your initial due date. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the citation, this may be a desired option. Whether the extension is obtained or not, the next step would be to go to the Court listed on the bottom of the citation and set the matter for a court appearance known as an arraignment. At the arraignment, a plea of guilty, no contest, or not guilty would be entered. This is not your trial date and the citing officer would not be appearing on that date. Typically, as an attorney, I would recommend setting your case for trial. If one enters a plea of not guilty and sets a matter for trial, the bail amount must be posted with the Court guaranteeing your appearance for trial. Under some circumstances, partial bail is acceptable or even better, a release on your own recognizance (“OR”).

The date set for trial is where you get to have “your day in court.” The citing officer will be subpoenaed to appear and will testify as to the circumstances of your traffic citation. Then you will have an opportunity to cross-examine (ask questions of) the officer. Finally, if you wish to give up your right to remain silent, then you may provide statements or argument to the court depicting your version of what happened on the date and time of the incident.

YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO COUNSEL on traffic infraction matters, however, an attorney can be retained at your own expense. By doing so, you need not appear in court to set an arraignment, be present at the arraignment, or even for trial. Your attorney can handle everything from beginning to end.

Why would you need an attorney to handle your traffic citation?

1.      Getting a traffic ticket (infraction) can lead to countless hours of your precious time spent in court:

a.       First you would go to court to get a court date for an arraignment where you would enter a plea.

b.      Then you would go to court for you arraignment, enter a plea, post bail, and get a trial date.

c.       And finally, of course, you would go to trial.

2.      We can help keep points off your driving record by taking your traffic matter to trial.

Most people just pay their traffic citations and don’t realize that by doing so, they may get a point or more on their driving record.  Thereby, increasing your chances of losing your license for excessive points.

3.      Getting points on your driving record will cause your auto insurance rates to increase.

By getting points on your driving record, your auto insurance rates will increase. Thus, in the long run, it is more cost effective to obtain legal representation to go to court for you and fight your ticket rather than paying more for insurance. And, of course, as we all know, insurance rates always seem to go up and not down.

If we handle your matter, in most instances, you would never have to go to court for these time consuming court appearances and most likely would not have to post bail prior to trial.

We can help you with:

- Traffic Tickets

- Traffic Misdemeanors

- DUI Offenses

- Suspended Driver’s License

- Failures to Appear or Warrants

- Overweight Tickets

- Excessive Points on Your Record

Our Expert Attorneys Provide The Highest Legal Service to Protect Your Rights and Secure The Best Possible Outcome For Your Case!!!

Here are just a few examples:

A client was charged with violating California Vehicle Code Section 22348(b) – speeding at 128 m.p.h. and was about to lose his license, our expert attorneys were able to reduce this violation to basic speeding and secure traffic school for the client. Thus, our client received no points on his driving record and his automobile insurance rates were not affected.

One client was cited for an overweight truck and was assessed a total fine of over $14,000 and our attorneys were able to file and argue a motion to have the case reopened in Court and eventually have the fine reduced to under $1,700. Saving our client over $12,300 in Court fines!!!

A misdemeanor complaint was filed against a client for driving on a suspended license and other related counts, and yet, due to our expert attorney’s legal arguments, the case was dismissed.

Another client, cited for traveling at 105 m.p.h. in the City of

Los Angeles

, had his case dismissed due to our attorney’s strategic planning and efforts during trial.

A client completely ignored five traffic citations he had received during a one year period causing his driver’s license to be suspended, our attorney’s set all five of his cases for trial in the same Court and got a dismissal for each and every one. Our client was extremely pleased to learn that his driver’s license was no longer suspended and that none of the citations would go on his driving record.

And keep in mind, red light camera tickets are almost always dismissed. However, keep in mind, that you must contact our office first before doing anything else.

There is no guarantee that Mr. Klijian can provide you with similar results because the facts of each case are unique.

You can reach Attorney Mike Klijian at (213) 386-1990 or [email protected]


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Great stuff. I like your concept.I get to be useful in the future.

This is not your trial date and citing officer would not be entered on that date. Generally as a lawyer, I recommend you set your case for trial.

Very good post. Something which is very close to our heart.You always have a way of making it so easy to follow your thoughts and what you’re sharing with us.Thank you very much.

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