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September 24, 2007

Understanding the Severe Forces in Motor Vehicle Crashes (Graphic Video)

I found this graphically enlightening video on www.youtube.com : Understanding the Severe Forces in Motor Vehicle Crashes, A Non Profit Educational Public Service Mini Movie, August 3, 2007.  Edited by Matt Flournoy of Marietta, Georgia.

If the image is incomplete, please click here to watch the video directly on Youtube.

Quoting from the copy that accompanies the article:

1) It should not be called a motor vehicle accident. It should be called a motor vehicle crash, collision or wreck.
2) The force of a crash is measured by the Delta V (the change of velocity).
3) The human body is not designed to handle the severe forces (as much as four tons) generated in a motor vehicle crash.
3) There are actually three collisions in one crash.
4) Rapid deceleration (such as 50 MPH to 0 in a few feet) causes injury to the human body.

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