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August 26, 2009

Motorcycle Accident Leads to Traumatic Brain Injury, $8M Settlement

Traumatic brain injury
Just when you think you have no case, you may have a case.  I was asked to take a case where Billy, a motorcycle rider who on first impression was thought to be partially, if not all, to blame for an accident from which he suffered catastrophic injuries.  
Billy was a vibrant, young 20 something motorcycle rider who was not expected to live.  Turns out a lady turned left in front of him in a road construction zone.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that there were potentially many reasons why this accident happened – not all of which could be blamed on the left-turning lady OR Billy.  There were a lot of entities, both public and privae, involved.  
We investigated even further, filed a lawsuit against several defendants and were there for Billy and his family throughout the ordeal.  We litigated aggressively, taking dozens of depositions, hiring legal and medical experts, life care planners, pain management doctors, rehabilitation therapists.
Billy will never be the same, he suffered severe brain damage, multiple broken bones, fractures of the spine.  His family will have to take care of him for the rest of his life.
Through our passionate and zealous representation of Billy, we ultimately negotiated a settlement of just under $8 Million, which will enable Billy to receive the lifetime care he requires.

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Brian Injury!!!!!! I know how threatful it is to a human life..So drive slow and be safe.


If the driver not wears a helmet, I'm sure it will lead to traumatic brain injury which is a dangerous injury.


It is very sad that his family has to take care of him. It is also very hard for Billy not only because of the accident but also because of the feeling that he must be having as being a responsibility for his family rather than taking care of his family.
"Life is precious, never take it for granted, never, ever."


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